happenings this month Family fun at Dubai Marina Mall
Family fun at Dubai Marina Mall
Updated on 01 February 2017

The fun continues at Dubai Marina Mall’s Outdoor Cinema with family-friendly films being screened each weekend until April. Head down to Dubai Marina Mall Promenade each Friday and Saturday, for outdoor screenings of family favourites at 5:30pm and 8:00pm each night. 

Arrive early to grab a delicious treat from the food trucks and have first pick of the bean bags before the films begin. 

3rd February
5:30pm 102 Dalmatians: Cruella DeVil is on the hunt for the adorable spotted puppies once again 
8:00pm Garfield: The cheeky orange feline sets off to rescue his doggy friend, Odie 

4th February
5:30pm Lady and the Tramp: The romantic tale of two dogs from different parts of town 
8:00pm Secret Life of Pets: Max's life is turned upside when his owner buys a second pet

10th February
5:30pm Annie: The captivating story of a foster-child’s hard knock life 
8:00pm The Jungle Book: Baby Mowgli, is raised in the jungle and finds it hard to leave it behind 

11th February
5:30pm Air Buddies: Five puppies are on a quest to save their dognapped parents 
8:00pm Cars 2: The cars head overseas and end up caught up in international espionage

Dubai Marina Mall’s Outdoor Cinema is free for all to enjoy. Grab a blanket and head down early to make the most of the winter nights at the Promenade! Call +971 4-4361020.



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